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Voyant technology aims to help you achieve your desired lifestyle and goals

Voyant is a powerful lifetime cash flow modelling tool for creating, managing and protecting wealth. The first step in the process is to create a Base Plan, which is a detailed account of where you stand today. You can download a sample Base Plan here for a fictitious client. We can then help you to identify your goals and lifetime cash flow needs. Typical examples of Timeline events are set out below:

  • Buying a new car every 5 years
  • Planning a special holiday
  • Paying for higher eduction
  • Planning for retirement
  • Building a home extension
  • Paying off the mortgage
  • Children's wedding
  • Planning for long term care

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Once the Base Plan is agreed, we can optimise it by looking for potential opportunities and risks. For example, UK tax tables and legislation are built into Voyant so we can easily model ways of saving tax. This is particularly useful for Inheritance Tax planning.

The What-If features in Voyant are extremely powerful and flexible. We can model any scenario and plan accordingly based on probability, relative risk and your goals. The ultimate aim of Voyant is to ensure you never run out of liquid assets but the software is capable of so much more.

We can instantly calculate the annual return required from your savings and investments to achieve positive lifetime cash flow. The example shown is from a fictitious client.

The screenshot below shows the powerful Monte Carlo simulation for a fictitious client. After 100 Plan iterations, the fictitious client only has a 7% chance of achieving their Timeline goals and eliminating RED from the Plan. RED means they have run out of liquid assets. The Monte Carlo simulation shows the vulnerability of the Plan to market forces: the lower the number, the greater the cash flow risk.

We can model the implications of premature death or disability and calculate any life insurance shortfalls. Any potential shortfall in savings can also be identified, which can be very helpful for retirement planning. Voyant is designed to be interactive and we can use it anywhere. We simply link our laptop screen to our iPad and we can work on it together in real-time. We can also do the same remotely with screen sharing technology.

Once your Base Financial Plan has been optimised, it can be put into force and reviewed on a regular basis with our optional Money Management Service.

Download a sample Financial Plan for a fictitious client.

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